Airflow direction

When air flows from the rotor in the direction of the protective grid, the fan is defined as the suction. When the air flows from the protective grid in the direction of the rotor, the fan is defined as a blowing. OLVENT fans are suction type (YWF.Axx-xxxS-xXIII) or blowing (YWF.Axx-xxxB-xXIII).

                                    Suction fan                                                                  Blowing fan



The way of mounting

The fans are designed for installation in any plane, any angle vertically and horizontally.


Protective grille and mounting plate 

We offer fans mounted in a protective grille (YWF.Axx-xxxx-xDIII) and in a mounting plate (YWF.Axx-xxxx-xFIII).

                              Protective grill:                                                                                           Mounting plate: 

Blacha front bok

Siatka front bok              


Power supply

OLVENT axial fans are equipped with asynchronous motor single phase power supply 230V / 50Hz (YWF.A4S-xxxx-xXIII)) or three-phase 400V / 50Hz (YWF.AxT-xxxx-xXIII). Single-phase fans are standard equipped with capacitor.



Efficiency of the fan is for air density of 1,2 kg/m3, temperature 20⁰C and for a pressure of 0 Pa.



Operating temperature

Operating temperature of the fan should be in the range of -40°C ÷ 70°C ambient temperature.


Sound pressure level

The noise level of the fan is given for a distance of 1 meter from the plane of the air outlet at an angle of 45°.

Soundproof Testing Room



OLVENT fans are equipped with internal thermal protection 150 ± 5°C. In addition, fans are protected with protective grilles, F class insulation, fans with a diameter of 250 – 315 have protection class IP44 and the fans 350 – 900 have protection class IP54.


Electrical box and power cord

All fans are connected to the electrical box and have a 1 meter power cord.


Fan life expectancy

OLVENT fans are equipped with ball bearing, it is expected that the usefulness of the fans is from 30 000 to 50 000 hours, depending on the operating conditions of the application.

Welding Machine


Number of blades of the fan

Fans with a diameter of less than 710 mm are characterized by a 5-blade fan (YWF.A4x-xxxx-5XIII),, while fans with a diameter of 710 mm and more have a 7 fan blades (YWF.A6x-xxxx-7XIII).